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About Us


About Us


Founded in 2007, the Eledium Group is a company that specializes in services and independent asset management. It is dedicated to developing and investing in four main areas of operation.

Thanks to a structured team of experts, Eledium Group works with financial services, organizations and entrepreneurs to offer them professional services that always aim to achieve maximum returns.

Eledium Group offers global services that aim to take advantage of opportunities within the most profitable markets in the world, and that have policies, strategies and resources that allow it to achieve returns for those who invest in these markets.



Real Estate




Mission | Values

Create a business model that guarantees investors and partners an integrated and multi-sectoral service by offering exceptional experience and professionalism in the different reference markets in which it operates. Aiming to invest and present projects that allow us to achieve operating margins that are shared with investors and that, simultaneously, offer highly competitive compensation.


We dedicate ourselves to the expectations of our partners and to practice open and constructive communication based on trust and respect.


The success of our business is attributed to the hard work of our team and our passion for our services.


We adopt the best practices in order to anticipate client needs and to provide solutions to new challenges.


The heart of our philosophy. we demonstrate the loyalty and integrity of our organization with exemplary behavior and transparency.

Your Business, Our Passion



Eledium Investment follows the investment opportunities in the Latin American market, which has a high growth rate.
. Our aim is to create long-term value for investors by identifying the best projects in the Real Estate, Design, Art and Technology sectors.



Eledium Investment follows the investment opportunities in the Latin American market, which has a high growth rate.
. Our aim is to create long-term value for investors by identifying the best projects in the Real Estate, Design, Art and Technology sectors.

Where to Invest

In a short amount of time Eledium Group has managed to become a reference point for international investors in Latin American markets by building a significant network of collaborations and partnerships that allow us to offer a professional service that is present in every Latin American country and that aims to maximize the investments made there.

Having strategic direct and indirect interests in various sectors, we are well placed to identify the best opportunities in a market that is very vast and that has strong interests in:

Structural real estate projects
Specific and sectoral business opportunities
Local and international art
Growth in the technology sector
Fashion and young talent with international reach

Invest with Us

We have the ability and knowledge required to continue to take on new challenges and new opportunities in these markets.

Global macroeconomic trends, as with population and GDP growth in developing countries, will elicit a gradual increase in the demand for goods and infrastructure investment in Latin American countries.

Technology advances and continued domestic and international investment will lead to high growth rates and a subsequent expansion of the market.

Eledium Group is able to take advantage of this economic progress and to give its investors the unique opportunity to enjoy excellent returns both in the short term and over long term economic cycles.



Eledium Real Estate operates within an International network of operators in the Real Estate sector, collaborating and interacting with experts (investors and entrepreneurs of the sector, architectural studios and real estate agencies).

High-Return Projects

Since 2007, Eledium Group Real Estate has grown and increased its professional profile in Latin America Real Estate sector.

Our aim is that of completely supporting investors in the development and implementation of their projects.


Our widespread presence in the Latin American market allows us to offer our consulting services for real estate projects such as:

Search for high return properties
Evaluations and real estate expertise
Financial analysis
Property management

New Technologies

Eledium Group Real Estates experience in the sector has allowed us to understand and select the most innovative technologies to implement in real estate developments.

Our goal is to respect the environment by using local resources, seeking to maximize energy savings, researching the highest quality standards in construction and ensuring maximum efficiency in the execution of projects Real estate.




What do we do

Eledium Design promotes design in the entire world by representing and promoting top notch organizations while simultaneously promoting innovative companies that possess technologies that can take new and better living standards to developed and developing countries.

What We Offer

We are able to offer an important window into the world of design, architecture, creativity and new technologies by providing a service that is highly professional and efficient for our clients, thereby allowing for a rapid entry and high profile in the markets in which we operate.




We Promote Art

Eledium Group has operated in the Art world for many years, searching for and promoting Modern and Contemporary Art.

Eledium Group interests in art comes from its ability – as a vehicle for culture, relations and local and international development – to express strong cross-sectional themes.

Art Hunters

The growing economic development in Latin America has also increased artistic strength, leading to the growth and recognition of various talents inside and outside of national borders.

Eledium Group actively supports this sector by promoting modern and contemporary Latin American art.

Our Contribution

In several countries Eledium Group participates and organizes art events also thanks to an important network of collectors, galleries, foundations and museums with which we have been cooperating for years.

Over the years we have managed to create and grow our private collection.



What We Offer

We are at the forefront of fashion design, creativity and new trends, we provide a service that is highly professional and efficient for our customers, allowing a fast entry and high profile in the markets in which we operate.

Fashion Projects

Eledium Group supports fashion around the world by partnering with booming designers, representing and promoting their ideas and designs. We are committed to the development and commercialization of your brands. we firmly believe in their work and give them a space to show their creativity.





  • The Future

    We firmly believe in technology as a key to our near future. That’s why we are always in the research and development of new forms of technology.

  • Technological Investment

    We invest in emerging technologies as part of our evolving philosophy because we are convinced of the potential and exponential growth in the Latin American market.

  • Innovation in Technology

    We provide a platform for entrepreneurs to develop future start-up companies by applying successful models and transforming them from start-up companies to companies with a regional presence.

  • Eledium Group Connects

    We are connected with the world’s most promising emerging innovation, investing in a broad portfolio that leads to greater benefits for our clients.

Contact us


Banesco Tower, Floor no. 14 Ofic. 08, Marbella, Panama.

++507 3905272


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